18 July 2011

Outside Southside: Try the "Read North Carolina Novels" blog!

Although Southside Virginia will always be home, I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know North Carolina. Over the weekend I traveled north on Route 501 to have supper with my parents in South Boston. Along the way, feeling guilty for not submitting a blog post in the past week, I realized that you might be interested in a Reader's Advisory blog from our neighbors to the south. The North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill provides an extensive service with nearly 800 posts in its blog, Read North Carolina Novels. It is actually where I got the idea for this blog (full disclosure: I worked at the NCC during my time at UNC. I have posted over 100 posts and continue to volunteer for that blog) and how I learned more about the Old North State.

Therefore, whenever you get impatient with my pace of posting on Read Southside Virginia (my apologies), I encourage you to visit Read North Carolina Novels. You will find some great almost local titles and authors and a summary of each novel that will take you to different places in North Carolina - without spending a dime to get to there!

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